About Porta Ice Ltd.

Don’t let the temperature be a factor, ICE NV is what you’re after
eco friendly

Green Machine

As much as you would want to drive your mini down to the gas station to fill up, with our ICE NV you won’t have to! The ICE NV is powered by a 36-volt motor; driven by 6 x 6-volt deep cycle 245 A/H batteries.

ice skate

Built for Winter

In the past, ice resurfacing machines were restricted on ice thickness and temperature. Our mini model increases resurfacing time by almost 12 weeks and isn’t impacted by drastically low winter temperatures.


Compact Design

The ICE NV has a compact design that will allow you to store it easily on your property, in an arena, or transport it for use on ponds & lakes.


It’s Canadian, Eh!

Built in Calgary, Alberta Canada and shipped directly to you.


About Porta Ice

Chris Yenna, Founder and Owner of Porta Ice Ltd., decided that with his knowledge base of ice resurfacing and with what local communities considered acceptable surfaces for ice; that he needed to step in and increase the standards across the board. He took it upon himself, to work towards pairing his industry understanding with the restrictions that both indoor and outdoor rinks face, to create a solution.

That solution is the ICE NV, a portable, environmentally friendly ice resurfacing machine that can stand up to anything winter can throw at it.


Who can drive the ICE NV?

Volunteers can use it. It’s pretty easy to learn to drive, similar to driving a forklift. Online training courses will be offered online soon, or you can request an in person training session in the Calgary area.


Can I transport my ICE NV easily?

The “Portable Ice Resurfacer” ICE NV was built to move easily, you do not have to hire a full sized tow truck to get it around. Throw it in the back of your half ton and you’re good to go.


How long does it take to make an ICE NV?

Due to high demand, production time is currently 15 weeks

The Story of Porta Ice

Back in 2001 when Chris had just graduated from an HVAC Technical Trade School, he started working with Disney on Ice. Traveling to over 40 countries and creating performance quality ice in countries that have never seen ice rinks. This challenge taught Chris how to adapt to any problem that can arise from resurfacing ice in the most volatile conditions. Finally settling in Calgary, Alberta Chris started creating a prototype for the 1st ICE NV Portable Ice Resurfacer. After seeing how local communities were trying to provide quality ice to the community, but with subpar resources, Chris created his vision.

Start solving your ice problems now.